Back Pain Spokane Wa

Back Pain Spokane

Back pain in Spokane WA is one of the most significant causes of disability. Lost work hours are not the only issue related to musculoskeletal problems. The Spokane Spine Team offers comprehensive pain management and rehabilitation to help even the most severe sufferers.

Curing back pain in Spokane WA

Pain is about management. While some people experience significant improvement, for most, treatment is about tolerance.

Muscle and skeletal issues stem from a variety of root causes. Injury, genetics, disease, and lifestyle play a major role in curing discomfort. Addressing deficits in optimal functionality is sometimes enough to completely eradicate symptoms.

However, a build-up of scar tissues and other factors creates complex problems. Strengthening, manipulation, and injection are used to help patients regain functionality. While there is no direct link between hands-on treatment and restoration of health, injections and rehabilitation have a significant body of evidence supporting their ability to aid in recovery.

How can I treat my pain?

Not every situation requires intensive care. Most problems vanish with ice, heat, or massage. These simple remedies help with minor to moderate discomfort. They also help prevent future episodes.

If your pain lasts more than six months and is unbearable, the condition is chronic. Seeking a professional becomes the best option. Back pain is the leading cause of disability across the globe. More than 80 percent of Americans suffer from some form of this issue with 31 percent of doctor visits related to unbearable musculoskeletal discomfort.

Chiropractors use a variety of treatment options to improve the lives of our patients. Hands-on manipulation is the most well-known but is often compared to a placebo. However, injections and rehabilitation are proven to work.

In follow up studies, nearly 81 percent of patients receiving stem cell treatment saw significantly reduced pain levels. Other options including radiofrequency therapy are also proven to have an effect.

Steroids and localized anesthesia help restore functionality. This reduces instances of depression and allows you to return to work and life without overwhelming compromise.

These injections work particularly well when combined with traditional and functional care. Flexibility improves, pain is reduced, and healthy life returns. Our patients see improvement in as little as four sessions.

Overall, chiropractic care avoids issues related to more invasive surgery. Incisions and long-term devices create as many problems as they attempt to solve. Many patients seek and benefit from chiropractic care and rehabilitation for complications related to surgery.

Back pain treatment in Spokane

Finding a chiropractor is no simple matter. We spend years training to help our patients. You should never trust your condition to the hands of an unknown professional. Experience and education are particularly important when dealing with injections.

Our team of experts includes anesthesiologists, trained specialists in rehabilitation, and intervention and pain specialist. We understand how each case and are ready to help improve your life. Never let your condition deteriorate to the point where everyday life becomes a burden.

Get in touch with our professionals today to start down the road to recovery.

Meet with Spine Team pain Center for back pain in Spokane, WA- we have a treatment plan that's right for you. Your experience at our facility begins with a thorough evaluation and diagnosis to get to the heart of your pain issues. The correct diagnosis will help us find an effective treatment that eliminates pain.