Neck Pain

Neck pain can range from mild discomfort that is easily ignored to severe, burning pain. Pain located in the neck is very common among adults and can occur at any age. Around 15% of American adults have neck pain that lasts at least one full day each year. These pains usually can be relieved through home-care, but may require nonsurgical medical treatments. Neck pain can develop suddenly, such as from an injury, or it may develop slowly over time, such as from years of poor posture or wear and tear.

Symptoms of Neck Pain Are:

  • Numbness
  • Sharp Pain
  • Headaches
  • Stiff Neck
  • Soreness

The neck is very susceptible to injury, particularly when the neck is pushed outside of its normal range of motion. A common neck injury is “whip lash” which is caused by a sudden jerk of the head pulling the neck outside of it normal range of motion.

Neck Pain is Diagnosed by:

  • Blood Tests
  • X-ray
  • MRI scan
  • CT scan
  • Lumbar Puncture/Spinal Tap
  • Electromyography

Neck pains can be eased through home care. If your pain is minor try some of these methods to help relieve your pain. Excercise you neck everyday, use slow streching motions up and down and side to side. Use ice on the location of the pain. Use good posture and change your position often.

Conditions Associated with Neck Pain

  • Cancer Pain
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal Stenosis

Common Treatments for Neck Pain

  • Epidural Nerve Block
  • Facet Joint Injections
  • Medial Branch Block
  • Medication Management
  • Radiofrequency Neuroablation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Trigger Point Injections