Movement Matters, So Move Better!

Our Rehab Department Offers:
One on One Treatments
Expert Physical Therapists
Physician Chiropractic
Rapid Pain Reduction
Emphasis on Increasing Function
Training in Prevention of Further Problems

Spine Team Spokane’s rehab department, in addition to other techniques, uses the McKenzie method of spine therapy, which is regarded worldwide as one of the most effective, spine-specialized therapy techniques

We treat every patient with integrity, compassion, humility, and excellence. With over 60 years of experience, our physical therapists utilize the McKenzie Method and advanced orthopedic and manual therapy evaluation and treatment techniques to ensure that our patients recieve superior care focused on education, patient independence, and long-term self-management. By using these methods in one-on-one treatment sessions, we are able to coach most patients to rapid recovery in just 5-8 sessions

The therapy gym at both locations is open, spacious, and well-equipped. Every patient is seen one-on-one. Your recovery is our priority. Upon completion of a treatment session, the patient will understand clearly what exercises and actions they must take throughout each day for continued improvement. They understand that consistency is key and are excited to learn that they have to power to control and resolve their pain.