Chiropractor Spokane Wa

Chiropractic Care Spokane

A good chiropractor in Spokane WA offers more than hands-on manipulation. Proven treatments are a part of the musculoskeletal restoration. The Spokane Spine Team provides cutting edge treatment based on the study to get you back to your daily routine.

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractic care concerns the functioning of the joints and skeletal system. Pain signals a severe issue with the body. The deficit between optimal function and your condition is often the result of injury, illness, or a predisposition. Scar tissue, incisions, and surgery create lasting complications.

A chiropractor uses therapies, manipulation, and treatment to relieve pain and restore flexibility. The most popular therapies involve direct spinal manipulation. This procedure is among the most controversial as there is no direct link between recovery and adjustment.

There is more to treatment than hands-on manipulation. Proven practices are always deployed when available. Rehabilitation, injections, and radiofrequency therapy are all well studied. They provide gradual and lasting relief for sufferers of chronic pain.

How can I treat my pain?

Most pain results from minor trauma. In these instances, ice, heat, and massage are enough to reduce swelling and inflammation. Flare-ups are prevented through the same home remedies.

When severe discomfort lasts for more than six months or your pain results from surgery or major trauma, an expert can help. Recovery tends to require a combination of exercises, strength training, and, for more severe cases, injections.

Every case is unique. Pain and suffering related to the nature of your illness or injury. The unique lifestyles of our patients cause problems that differ from case to case. Rehabilitation specialists understand your needs, targeting exercises to affected areas of the body.

Our patients see improvement in a matter of weeks. We help fight through the initial pain to restore functionality and reduce discomfort.

Injections for pain management

Pain management is about tolerance. Rehabilitation seeks to create a permanent solution. Pain can interfere with the process and result in poor posture and limit the impact of treatment.

Chronic pain directly impacts daily life. Climbing stairs or even driving can be nearly impossible. Immediate relief starts patients on the track to recovery.

Pain is often the direct result of swelling. Inflammation presses on nerves which send a signal to the brain resulting in your discomfort.

Injections reduce swelling to improve range of motion. Over the course of several sessions, generally at a rate of one procedure per week, corticosteroids and stem cell therapy relieve pressure on the nerves.

Non-invasive pain relief

Over thirty percent of doctor visits are the result of muscle or skeletal pain. Your general practitioner is often not specialized in pain management. Consider the current heroin epidemic to find an over-prescription of pills at the root of this problem.

Your doctor may prescribe surgery to reduce pain. The placement of rods and fusion of bones are the most used procedures. However, incisions and devices create complications later in life.

Injections avoid future pain. Rehabilitation is entirely natural. We seek to prevent future issues.

Your chiropractor in Spokane offers more than hands-on manipulation. The Spokane Spine Team uses proven strategies to relieve pain and restore functionality. Contact us today to find out more.