Hip Pain Doctors Spokane Valley Wa

Hip Pain Doctors Spokane Valley Wa

Living with chronic hip pain can rob you of your quality of a life. Arthritic hips cause great physical pain and joint deformities. If you have chronic pain in the hips, then you may have a deformity already. If you have chronic pain that is unremitting or recurring, then you may want to consult the area's best hip pain doctors in Spokane Valley, WA - the Spine Team Pain Center.

How to Know if You Have Severe Hip Problems

The easiest way to determine if you have a severe problem with your hips is to see a hip pain doctor. As mentioned, individuals with unremitting or frequently returning hip pain need to get seen by a hip pain doctor ASAP. When it comes to these kinds of problems, time is of the essence. If you do have a serious problem, then the longer you put it off, the worse your problem will get until you need surgery to correct it.

The hip is a ball and socket joint. There are specific diseases that destroy the cartilage in ball and socket joints - diseases such as arthritis. Get checked out ASAP!

We are the Best Hip Pain Doctors in Spokane Valley, WA

Every day, we provide non-surgical yet highly effective treatments for pain. We can give you answers and tell you where your pain is coming from. You likely want to know what you can do to eliminate or minimize the hip pain that you're dealing with. The Spine Team Pain Center is the place to be for people who suffer from chronic hip pain and don't want to have surgery. In fact, we routinely get doctors who send us their patients who need surgery to try to get conservative care first.

What is Conservative Care for Hip Pain?

Conservative care includes all treatments up to surgery. Our goal is to keep people stay off of the surgery table, although in the most severe cases where great damage has already occurred to the hip joint, then surgery is unavoidable. Conservative treatment can include anti-inflammatory medications, injections into the troubled hip, muscle relaxers, and other therapies.

Depending on where the pain is, how long it has been going on, and the severity of the pain, we can look at a combination of anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and a variety of non-surgical injections. Although people are often afraid to do exercises involved with physical therapy because they are afraid to make the problem worse, the truth is that your body is meant to move. And even though it might be excruciatingly painful for some, the body is meant to move!

We'll often recommend aquatic therapy for chronic hip pain, which involves spending time in the swimming pool and hot tub. The walking exercises in the pool can progress to land-based exercises. Lower back pain and hip pain are often related. Therefore, we may recommend the same treatments to treat both for patients who are experiencing them. If none of the conservative treatments work, then we may have to recommend a surgeon. The first step is to visit the hip pain doctors o Spokane Valley, WA - the Spine Team Pain Center.

Hip Pain Doctors Spokane Valley Wa

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What Causes Knee Pain?

What could be causing your knee pain? It could be a wide range of issues, including fractures, ACL tears, a torn meniscus, knee bursitis, Patellar tendinitis, arthritis, gout, dislocation, and more. As you see, the list goes on and on. The reasons why you might be experiencing knee pain are seemingly endless.

There are lots of causes behind knee pain, and some of them are severe or life-threatening. For example, you could be experiencing knee pain due to an injury, ruptured ligament, torn cartilage, arthritis, or even gout and infection. This is why it's so urgent for you to seek care for your knee pain rather than procrastinating. More importantly, we need to diagnose the problem and create a customized treatment plan for you.

When Should I See a Doctor for My Knee Pain?

While there are many causes of knee pain, signs and symptoms of a more serious condition include the following:

  • If your knee gives out when you put weight on it
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Can I Care or My Knee Pain at Home?

There are certain self-care measures you can take at home to relieve your knee pain. Certain balms and ointments, in addition to massage, may resolve minor knee pain. Even hot water has been shown to reduce pain in the knees often. But for chronic or severe knee pain, you may require surgical repair. Again, the key is in diagnosing the source. If you are interested in progressive, non-surgical knee pain care in Spokane, contact the Spine Team Pain Care today.

Choose the Spine Team Pain Center for Knee Pain Care in Spokane

The Spine Team Pain Center is the best place to go for knee pain care in Spokane! We have a number of injection-based therapies, as well as many other types of non-surgical therapies and rehabilitation that will get you back on your feet comfortably. We have doctors who specialize in your type of pain, and our clinic is exclusively here to deal with these types of problems. Although your knee pain is most likely the symptom of a trivial cause, it might be from something more serious, and that is why it is so important to get it checked out.

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