How does botox work for migraines?

Have you been having one too many migraines? Botox could give you the break you deserve from the excruciating pain. Chronic migraines are not your typical headaches that go away by popping painkillers, and before you know, you have snapped back. These take a toll on you to the point that you can try anything to feel relieved. They come with so much pain that they may disrupt your daily life activities. The chances that many people don't know that they have chronic migraines are high. Some people assume that what they are experiencing is probably another headache that will go away- don't be that person. It would be best to get yourself checked once you notice that your migraines are recurring. Read on to discover how Botox works for migraines and more.

botox for migraines in Spokane

How Botox Works in Treating Migraines.

Your doctor will inject Botox around pain fibers responsible for causing migraine pain and headaches. It will undoubtedly reduce migraine attack symptoms like excessive fatigue, vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to smells, light and sounds. This is because it acts on the nerve endings and hinders the release of pain transmission chemicals. However, if you think of going for a Botox injection, note that the results may not be immediate. You will wait for 10-14 days or more to feel relieved. You may also require additional treatments to get better.

Persons Fit for Botox Treatment.

Adults are the best fit for Botox; therefore, it should not be used on adolescents or children. Otherwise, it will be considered off-label use. Note that FDA approves it but only for chronic migraines, which occur for more than 15 days a month and not any other type of headache.

Side Effects.

Of course, Botox has side effects. The most renowned side effects include muscle weakness, headaches, stiffness at the injection point, and neck pains. Also, you may experience an allergic reaction to Botox, although it is not given. These allergic reactions are accompanied by hives, swelling in the legs, or breathing shortage, among others. The chances are slim that Botox could spread to the whole body, but it could be deadly when it does.  It can lead to difficulty swallowing, vision changes, and drooping eyelids, alongside others. However, there has never been a confirmation of such. When you experience the common side effects mentioned above, they should not be cause for alarm as they heal on their own in a few days. Also, to avoid complications, ascertain that you go to a trained healthcare professional who is certified and has experience. Your life is too precious to throw caution to the wind.

What to Expect.

If you are afraid of injections, you don't have to sit on this one as they are painless. However, you may experience a slight burning sensation or a sting when getting injected. These sessions won't take much of your time since they last between 10 to 15 minutes. Another essential factor to keep in mind is that the doctor will inject multiple Botox doses along your head and shoulders, although at specific points. After that, you may be free to go about your day. However, note that this does not apply to everyone since everyone responds differently to Botox.

When to Get Botox to Prevent Migraines.

Once you get the treatment, your doctor will be administering them every once in three months. Studies are being done to determine the risks of giving patients these injections more frequently. As previously said, since everyone responds differently to these treatments, your doctor will use that as a basis for knowing how long your treatment will be. Some people improve significantly after receiving treatment that they no longer need treatment, while others experience minimal changes.


This is usually a concern for many people, and it must be addressed. Your health insurance may cover it or some of the cost; it all goes down to the specific plan you pay for. In addition to that, the drug manufacturer provides those going for Botox treatment with a savings program that can offset some money. Isn't that amazing? Remember that your insurance company will need to approve to cater for the treatment. Also, after you have had your first shot, they need to see documentation of improvement to continue paying for it.

The above shows things you probably did not know about how Botox works for migraines. If you have been experiencing these migraines, perhaps it is time to get Botox treatment. Please do not suffer, and there is an alternative to the pain you have been feeling. Also, ascertain that you go to a reputable doctor for results. Remember, cheap is expensive in the long run; hence, you won't be saving any coins. Also, your health should not be something to play around with since it is a matter of time and death. Can you imagine what would happen if the self-proclaimed doctor you opted for injected you in the wrong area? Things would undoubtedly go south from there. You may experience side effects after this procedure; therefore, do not think it is abnormal. Remember that everyone is different; hence, their body will respond differently. You have to communicate with your doctor to let them know if anything is amiss. However, look out for allergic Botox reactions and let your doctor know if anything is up. That way, they can prevent further damage from taking place.  Ensure that you don't miss out on your doctor appointments.