Lower Back Pain Specialist

The percentage of Americans who suffer from lower back pain is relatively high. This can stem from several reasons, including age, disease, or old injuries. The Spokane Spine Team is available to provide relief for patients suffering in Spokane, Washington.

Lower Back Pain

What causes lower back pain?

Many problems cause bodily pain. Injuries are not the only cause. However, as you may have already learned, disease, treatments, herniated discs, and genetic predispositions can also be to blame.

When should I seek treatment for my lower back pain?

Lower back pain pain is a significant problem. When your suffering lasts for more than six months, you should receive help from professionals. Any issue that impedes your life for a prolonged time requires further examination by an expert who knows how to deal with chronic pain as it is different from dealing with more minor ailments. More than 264 million workdays were lost last year due to back problems alone, accounting for two full workdays per year in the United States alone! The overall cost to Americans exceeds $100 billion when factoring in lost wages and productivity! Chronic pain has both a physical and psychological component. If left unchecked, the impact of lost work hours and the inability to perform routine functions may lead to depression.

Treating chronic lower back pain

You are not alone. Approximately 26-31 million Americans suffer from back pain. In addition, the number of years lived with spine-related distress has increased by 54% between 1990 and today.

Home remedies are often the easiest and cheapest way to treat back pain. Applying heat, ice, over the counter pain medication like ibuprofen or massage can help in most cases. The same steps can be taken to prevent future discomfort as well.

Lower Back Pain Specialist in Spokane

Do I need surgery for my back pain?

At the Spokane Spine Team, we’ve found that while surgeries may be successful for some people, they are far from ideal when it comes to less invasive treatments.