Physical Therapy Clinics Spokane

Physical Therapy Clinics Spokane

Physical therapy clinics in Spokane offer the beauty of the city to those seeking recovery. Trauma impacts our lives in a debilitating way. The Spokane Spine Team offers top-of-the-line care to our clients, aiding in recovery through individualized therapy.

How does physical therapy help after an injury?

Injured patients go through treatment. Surgery, bone setting, and other solutions intend to repair the body. Procedures and trauma change the body. Scar tissues form, bones become more resilient, and posture is sometimes altered.

Our specialists use mechanical force and movement to improve functionality. This treatment is functional and deals directly with the impact of injury and disease.

The overall impact of trauma significantly impacts the body. Scar tissue presses on nerves, creating pain. Stiffness impairs flexibility. Your body never returns entirely to normal.

Therapists aim to increase mobility and return you to your feet. Exercises and strength training help compensate for these issues. Our patients see results in as little as two to three sessions.

Benefits of this form of treatment are numerous. They include increased range of motion, better stability, improved flexibility, and decreased inflammation.

Can physical therapy relieve pain?

Therapists treat the root causes of your condition. The exercises we deploy build you to a point where your pain dissipates. The entire point of therapy is to help the patient return to normal.

Hands-on care gradually relieves pain. Over several weeks we build your body and bring discomfort to manageable levels.

The ability to deal with inflammation significantly reduces pain. Swelling presses on nerves and causes discomfort. Taking the pressure off weakened parts of the body aid in recovery.

Is physical therapy painful?

Patients seek therapy because they are already experiencing discomfort. The motions performed during a session target the systems functioning abnormally. This initially heightens pain.

However, over time, your body learns to perform the motions flawlessly. Other muscles pick up the slack, flexibility returns, and your life returns to normal. Discomfort dissipates as you grow accustomed to normal functions once again.

Coupling therapy with injections such as corticosteroids offers the benefits of direct results with the long-term improvement provided by such care. Our team aims to get you back to normal as soon as possible. Severe pain exacerbates existing issues.

Pain relief in Spokane

Pain is crippling. Trauma and surgery create lasting issues for clients. Mental and emotional health degrades as it becomes difficult to perform everyday tasks.

Depression and back pain are the leading causes of lost workdays and other issues. There is no reason to ignore or try to deal with worsening symptoms.

Our physical therapy clinics in Spokane offer cutting edge treatments to immediately deal with the initial pain of treatment while creating a long-term impact for our clients. You can get back to your daily routine in as little as a few sessions.

Do not let your pain grow. Contact our experts today to find out how we can help you recover from illness and injury in Spokane Washington. We are ready to help.


Physical Therapy Clinics Spokane

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physical therapy spokane wa

Physical therapy in Spokane WA gets you back on your feet again. Pain is a significant burden for anyone. When discomfort is too much to handle, the Spokane Spine Team can help.

How can physical therapy help get me on my feet again?

Everyday activities feel like running a marathon when suffering from chronic pain. The issue is so debilitating that nearly 127 million workdays were lost across the world in 2017. That is enough time for every American worker to take two days off during the year. Over thirty percent of doctor visits related to muscle and skeletal discomfort.

Pain and injury greatly hinder the body. We seek to compensate for discomfort by finding more bearable positions. This trains the mind to use the body improperly and exacerbates problems. In other circumstances, a limb or area of the body becomes impossible to use altogether.

Physical therapy is a functional treatment. We seek to get your body in shape and working properly through strength training and compensation. The deficit between optimal operation of the spine and limbs and your condition are rectified.

Weight training, stretching, and exercises are used to target areas affected by injury, illness, or genetics. Our experts measure your progress and tune solutions to your changing condition, restoring movement and flexibility.

When do I need physical rehabilitation?

Injury, illness, and life, in general, creates seemingly crippling problems for patients. The simple tasks of bathing and climbing stairs seem like tackling Mount Everest. These problems often stem from previous surgeries and traumatic injury.

Therapists help restore range of motion and flexibility to help clients return to their daily lives. We use a variety of techniques to restore functionality.

Does pain management help with physical therapy?

Heightened discomfort often negates the gains from rehabilitation. Therapists work to restore functionality. However, the process can be painful, and progress may be slow.

Dealing with pain allows clients to deal with their symptoms while we work to restore a more normal range of motion. This allows you to get back to everyday activities.

The Spokane Spine team strives to provide the best and least invasive treatments. Your doctor may recommend surgery, but this restricts flexibility and motion, builds scar tissue, and leads to increased physical distress later.

Injections and radiofrequency therapy target areas of pain without inserting rods or creating an incision. Corticosteroids and stem cells are proven treatments.

Our pain management program eases the difficult period of physical therapy. Patients see improvement in as little as four sessions while rehabilitation experts strive to improve range of motion.

Physical therapy in Spokane WA

The Spokane Spine Team improves functionality while managing the pain associated with recovery. Allowing your problems to persist can result in re-injury, further complications, and even depression. Our experts restore functionality and strengthen affected areas to restore health.

If you have been injured or suffer from chronic pain, rehabilitation can help. Our experts understand that every case is unique and are ready to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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