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Neck Pain

Never Ignore Neck Pain

While pain in your neck or back could be from sleeping funny or lifting something the wrong way, it is never something you should ignore when it persists. Neck pain or back pain can be a sign of a serious problem that may be unrelated to any activity you’ve done. It could be joints wearing down, an early sign of cancer, or perhaps a genetic disorder kicking in.

It’s easy to dismiss neck pain as something that just happens as you get older or from having an active lifestyle, but the pain is a sign something is wrong. If you’ve tried home remedies or you’re starting to take Aleve regularly, it’s time to give Spine Team Spokane a call. It’s better to rest easy after a professional has checked you out rather than worrying while you suffer from neck pain.

If you need a neck and back pain specialist, the Spokane Spine Team is the leading spine clinic in the Northwest and is home to some of the best neck and back doctors in the region! Here, we offer state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge medicine, providing much-needed, long-lasting pain relief for individuals debilitated by neck and back pain. Our spine specialists are one-of-a-kind and are simply the best at what they do!

Neck and Back Surgeons in Spokane

In some cases, surgery is needed to correct neck and back problems that cause pain. In rare instances, neck and back pain can be the result of a chronic illness, such as cancer. Thankfully, these cases are minimal. More often than not, we’re able to treat neck and back pain with non-surgical treatments.

In the event that surgery is needed, Spine Team Spokane partners with the most reputable orthopedic and neurosurgeons in Spokane, providing referrals to top-notch medical professionals. However, we will do everything we can to keep you off of the surgery table.

Long-Lasting Neck Pain

Some neck pain and back problems can’t be solved with home remedies or surgery, unfortunately. It’s important to know that not all neck pain specialists are equipped to conduct follow-up treatments or support on-going injury.

No patient wants to hear that your neck pain isn’t going to go away, but when that is the case, it’s important to accept it so it can be managed properly. A good neck pain specialist is frank with their patients and can walk them through how to ease or manage the pain in a way that doesn’t impede their life. When you know that an issue is life-long, you can approach it responsibly.

The first step in figuring out how to deal with or manage neck pain is to set-up an appointment and get an evaluation. Meeting a Spokane neck pain specialist will help determine what kind of care you need, how often you need it, and provide a plan in the rare case it’s something more serious that needs to be addressed by a medical doctor.

Here at Spine Team Spokane, we’re committed to offering long-term solutions to improve the quality of our patients’ lives.  No one should suffer every day trying to turn their head or when laying down to sleep. If you find neck pain and back problems to be increasing, persistent, and your daily life being inconvenienced by ongoing pain, then it’s time to give a Spokane neck and back pain specialist a call.

What’s Causing my Neck and Back Pain?

It’s important to find out what is causing your neck pain before it can be properly addressed. It’s too easy to dismiss aches and back pains as just part of living, though no one should go on suffering when there are people like us who can get you back to being pain-free. Setting up a consultation and having a professional take a look at your neck and back is also a great way to learn how to prevent the pain from returning. By setting up a consultation, you can learn some useful things to do in everyday life that will make sure a stiff neck doesn’t keep you from a good night’s rest.

There is no way to tell what is causing the pain in a person’s neck or back, even if they can identify the exact location of the pain, until they come in and we run a few tests. Common causes of pain in the neck and back include muscles spasms, stress, arthritis, degenerative disks, and more. If you are suffering from neck or back pain or both, chances are you probably just want to get rid of it ASAP. That’s where we come in!

Stop Neck and Back Pain Today

Don't put off finding out what is causing your neck pain. Setting up a consultation and having a professional take a look at your neck and back is a great first step towards prevention and mitigation. By setting up a consultation, you can learn some useful things to do in your everyday life that will make sure a stiff neck doesn’t keep you from a good night’s rest.

If you try all of these things to no avail, then you know that you need a neck and back specialist. Give us a call today so we can get you in for an examination and determine where your source of neck and back pain is coming from, and more importantly, how to make it go away.

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