Spokane Pain Clinic

Spokane Pain Clinic

A Spokane pain clinic can get you back on your feet again. Losing your full range of motion has devastating effects on your daily life. Depression and lost workdays create a vicious and deepening cycle. The Spokane Spine Team is ready to help you get back to your regular routine.

When do I need a pain management specialist?

Pain management concerns tolerance. An expert helps when your condition is unbearable. Rehabilitation after trauma, surgery, or illness enables you to return to a healthy lifestyle.

Inflammation is a leading cause of pain. Injury, illness, and genetics lead to compromising situations that cause swelling. When the nerves are impacted, they send signals to the brain which trigger undesirable feeling.

Smaller injuries and intermittent issues cause most symptoms. Ice, heat, and massage are typically enough to provide relief. The same home remedies are useful to prevent future flare-ups as well.

When severe discomfort lasts for more than six months, it is chronic, and you should consult an expert. Significant impairment of your daily routine effects relationships, mood, income, and the most important aspects of everyday life.

Treating pain in Spokane

In more severe cases, specialists provide a treatment regimen. Every case is unique. The events leading to chronic pain differ for each person. Injuries occur in different parts of the body. Scar tissue builds along the spine, joints, and other areas in relation to trauma.

Our experts find the most appropriate solution to your pain. Strength training and exercises build up the body to compensate correctly for loss of motion or restore weakened muscles. Immediate relief is available through injections.

Applying the scientific method to your case allows us to use proven treatments and metrics to tune your path to recovery for the best result. Patients see improvement in as little as four sessions or several weeks.

Can corticosteroids immediately relieve pain?

Pain relief is a matter of tolerance. Every treatment helps release the pressure on your nerves and readjust your system to deal with major hurdles.

Steroids reduce swelling over several injections. This releases the pressure on your nerves and significantly reduces pain.  Our clients report an impact over the course of weeks.

These injections work best in conjunction with rehabilitation. Deficits in the body need to be rectified before your pain reaches a tolerable level. In some instances, it is possible to alleviate your condition completely.

What is pain management

Pain management seeks to reduce symptoms to a tolerable level. Injuries, surgeries, and illnesses permanently impact the body. The pressure they create on the nervous system is not always related to swelling.

Compensation, rehabilitation, and the reduction of swelling help in these cases. These processes allow you to return to work, get back into your favorite sport, or climb the stairs with ease again. An expert must guide them.

If you are suffering from severe discomfort, your Spokane pain clinic can help. The Spokane Spine team deals with back, hip, knee, joint, and limb pain. Get in touch today to find out more Spokane Pain Clinic.

The Spokane Pain Clinic

There are many conditions that can lead to pain. Left untreated, pain can lead to depression, job loss, and more. It doesn't have to be this way. There are many ways to deal with pain. At our Spokane Pain Clinic, we want to help you deal with your pain and maintain your fullest possible range of motion.

When you feel that your life has become unbearable due to pain or when you feel that all is lost and that there's no reason to live, it's time to call for some help. Pain management can help you to lead a pain-free life. If we can't completely eliminate your pain, we can help to reduce your pain levels to those that you can live with.

You don't have to suffer needlessly. Give us our Spokane Pain Clinic a call and let us show you how we can help. Whether your pain is due to an injury, a medical condition, an illness, or some other cause, we can help. Our goal is to ease your pain in the best possible way.

Every case of pain is unique in and of itself. No two pain conditions are the same and no two injuries are the same. Each pain treatment is tailored to your specific needs. We strive to make your life easier and better using the most innovative technology available to us.

Stop missing out on the fun things in life and get back to living. You'll feel more confident and better about your life, and the more confident you feel, the better you're going to feel. Pain doesn't have to define your life. Give us a call today and let us help you get your life back on track. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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