Spokane Pain Clinic

Spokane Pain Clinic

A Spokane pain clinic can get you back on your feet again. Losing your full range of motion has devastating effects on your daily life. Depression and lost workdays create a vicious and deepening cycle. The Spokane Spine Team is ready to help you get back to your regular routine.

When do I need a pain management specialist?

Pain management concerns tolerance. An expert helps when your condition is unbearable. Rehabilitation after trauma, surgery, or illness enables you to return to a healthy lifestyle.

Inflammation is a leading cause of pain. Injury, illness, and genetics lead to compromising situations that cause swelling. When the nerves are impacted, they send signals to the brain which trigger undesirable feeling.

Smaller injuries and intermittent issues cause most symptoms. Ice, heat, and massage are typically enough to provide relief. The same home remedies are useful to prevent future flare-ups as well.

When severe discomfort lasts for more than six months, it is chronic, and you should consult an expert. Significant impairment of your daily routine effects relationships, mood, income, and the most important aspects of everyday life.

Treating pain in Spokane

In more severe cases, specialists provide a treatment regimen. Every case is unique. The events leading to chronic pain differ for each person. Injuries occur in different parts of the body. Scar tissue builds along the spine, joints, and other areas in relation to trauma.

Our experts find the most appropriate solution to your pain. Strength training and exercises build up the body to compensate correctly for loss of motion or restore weakened muscles. Immediate relief is available through injections.

Applying the scientific method to your case allows us to use proven treatments and metrics to tune your path to recovery for the best result. Patients see improvement in as little as four sessions or several weeks.

Can corticosteroids immediately relieve pain?

Pain relief is a matter of tolerance. Every treatment helps release the pressure on your nerves and readjust your system to deal with major hurdles.

Steroids reduce swelling over several injections. This releases the pressure on your nerves and significantly reduces pain.  Our clients report an impact over the course of weeks.

These injections work best in conjunction with rehabilitation. Deficits in the body need to be rectified before your pain reaches a tolerable level. In some instances, it is possible to alleviate your condition completely.

What is pain management

Pain management seeks to reduce symptoms to a tolerable level. Injuries, surgeries, and illnesses permanently impact the body. The pressure they create on the nervous system is not always related to swelling.

Compensation, rehabilitation, and the reduction of swelling help in these cases. These processes allow you to return to work, get back into your favorite sport, or climb the stairs with ease again. An expert must guide them.

If you are suffering from severe discomfort, your Spokane pain clinic can help. The Spokane Spine team deals with back, hip, knee, joint, and limb pain. Get in touch today to find out more.

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A Spokane Washington pain clinic helps local area clients get back on their feet. Debilitating diseases, muscle, and skeletal problems are among the most detrimental ailments. Studies found that lower back pain alone is responsible for 127 million lost workdays across the globe.  The Spokane Spine Team can help.

What is pain management?

Pain management is a set of practices attempting to reduce discomfort. Pain is not always complete resolvable. However, getting to the point of tolerance is a necessity.

Inflammation stemming from diseases and trauma are among the leading causes of pain. Swelling presses on the nerves that send signals to the brain causing symptoms in affected parts of the body. The issues last while your nervous system is impacted.

Experts use treatments to help patients cope. A variety of therapies, placebos, procedures, and exercises significantly impact our customers.

How can I manage my pain?

Not everyone needs expert care to handle their problems. Ice, heat, and massage offer relief for even mild cases. This home remedy also prevents recurring pain.

However, some discomfort is the result of irreparable trauma. Pain lasting more than six months is chronic. If you experience worsening or prolonged symptoms you should contact a professional clinic.

Chronic pain does not simply disappear. If left unchecked, the inability to perform the simplest task has dire consequences. The distress of being unable to climb the stairs, open cabinets, or even drive to work may lead to depression. The World Health Organization rates this mental health issue as among the leading causes of more severe problems.

Relieve pain through rehabilitation and injection

Chiropractors understand the musculoskeletal system. Hands-on manipulation is not the only treatment available. Any non-surgical relief proven to be useful is available from credible practitioners.

Rehabilitation is among the most successful forms of therapy. After surgery or trauma, doctors often assign patients to physical therapy. Experts use exercises and specifically tailored treatments to help compensate for deviations from the optimal state.

For those still reeling from their symptoms, injections provide immediate release. Corticosteroids and stem cells target swelling to bring your condition under control. Medical professionals started achieving results from adult stem cells in the 1960s.

Our experts are well trained in their respective fields. We employ rehabilitation specialists, anesthesiologists, and aids who make an impact on our clients in as little as two to three sessions.

A non-invasive approach

Injections and rehabilitation are not invasive. Incisions create scar tissue that poses a permanent risk of discomfort. Rods may break as well. Complications are not uncommon.

Surgery is one of the most significant decisions impacting your future health. They create problems for decades to come. Chiropractic care offers proven relief without posing a greater risk. Instead, we use exercises, strength training, anesthesia, and injections to provide relief.

If you suffer from chronic, severe, or worsening pain, our specialists can help. Get in touch today to find out how the Spokane Spine Team, a Spokane Washington pain clinic, can get you on the road to recovery.

spokane pain management clinic

One Spokane pain management clinic continues to break down barriers. With proven treatments and a will to help even the most severe cases, the Spokane Spine Team is ready to help. Our clinic knows that every case is unique and is ready to treat you with the diligence you deserve.

How can I manage my pain?

Wrangling pain is about tolerance. Injuries, disease, genetics, and surgery often pose insurmountable issues.  However, with proper rehabilitation and therapy, it is possible to restore control over your life.

For many getting on top of discomfort only requires homegrown remedies. Ice, heat, and massage reduce swelling, significantly reducing symptoms. The same self-administered treatments also help avoid future problems.

When pain lasts for more than six months, it is chronic. In these cases, experts provide skilled treatment tailored to your needs. Rehabilitation and injections provide proven relief while other forms of alternative care helps restore flexibility and mobility.

Will I benefit from chiropractic care?

Many people think that chiropractors perform hands-on manipulation. For this reason, doctors often recommend visiting a specialist. However, there is no evidence that an adjustment harms patients and studies show improvement for certain neck and back issues.

Chiropractic care deals with the entire musculoskeletal system. For this reason, any therapy proven to work is available to our patients.

In many situations, rehabilitation restores range of motion and flexibility. Our team of experts creates exercises that strengthen weakened areas or help compensate correctly for injuries. Medical professionals agree that this service is vital when recovering from a surgery or traumatic injury.

Injections are also proven to work. Staying on top of advancements, we provide adult stem cell therapy. This treatment started life in the 1960s and continues to prove extremely successful. Follow up studies on back pain sufferers saw an 81 percent success rate.

Other forms of treatment are equally viable. Corticosteroids and radiofrequency therapy help those afflicted with significant pain.

What are the benefits of chiropractic in pain management?

Pain is the result of swelling and injury. Inflammation causes muscles to press on the nerves. This causes signals to reach the brain resulting in the discomfort you feel.

While rehabilitation and hands-on manipulation seek to restore mobility, injections, and other therapies aim to reduce swelling. Corticosteroids are highly successful in getting in control of this issue.

Spokane Spine Team doctors find the root cause of your pain before applying any solution. This allows injections to have maximum effect. Your pain stems from a specific injury and this needs to be known before any treatment can proceed.

Over the course of several sessions, we help reduce and manage pain and discomfort. Most patients report improvement in as little as two to three sessions given weekly.

Pain can terrifically hamper our ambitions. When it becomes chronic or greatly impairs daily routines, it signals a persistent and crippling issue. Back pain is the most common disability across the globe.

Our Spokane pain management clinic applies working solutions to get you back to your normal routine. Contact us today to find out more.

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