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Therapies using the stem cell in Spokane are well known to provide relief and help cure crippling disease. They are instrumental in the treatment of pain. The Spokane Spine Team remains on the cutting edge. We help our patients return to their everyday lives through innovative therapies.

How bad can my pain get?

Pain is a signal of an underlying problem. Whether you have a pre-existing injury or poor posture, the impact of your condition worsens with time. The body is a system. Allowing one functioning part to fail forces the body to compensate, increasing stress and potentially creating more issues later.

Pain tends to start as a mild sensation. After six months this can become unbearable.

The impact of your discomfort is not insignificant. Across the world, back pain causes 127 million lost days of work. Thirty-one percent of doctor visits are related to musculoskeletal issues.

How can I treat my back and joint pain?

Most discomfort is treatable at home. Ice, heat, and massage relieve slight to mild symptoms. These remedies also help prevent future flare-ups. Swelling is the root cause of many instances of light pain which is treatable through simple action.

Severe pain is a larger problem. Functional treatment and other forms of chiropractic care may help. However, in the most severe instances, this is not enough.

Injections offer a targeted solution to surgery. As opposed to invasive procedures which lead to further complications later in life, corticosteroids help reduce inflammation without creating an incision. Other treatments are available for tough to work on tough knots and injuries.

Our services promote natural healing. Platelet-rich plasma therapy particularly speeds up recovery through your own recovery properties.

Therapies using the stem cell in Spokane

Patients with back pain have another option available. Stem cells reduce chronic pain, helping to avoid surgery in all but five of 26 patients in a recent follow-up study by Stem Cell Northwest.

Doctors often recommend surgery without fully considering your options. These procedures are extremely hazardous. Once completed, follow up surgeries may be needed as the original fails to ease your pain and suffering.

Stem cells are a natural alternative. They occur in every adult, helping to regenerate dying or damaged tissues. These are not the controversial product from yesterday but come from bone marrow and blood.

The regenerative power of these cells is well known. They show promise in treating everything from cancer to pain. Blood-related stem cells appeared in therapies starting in the 1960s. The Northwest Stem Cell study found that 81 percent of participants experience a noticeable reduction in severe discomfort.

Expert pain management in Spokane

Treatments continue to develop to treat pain. These options avoid surgeries that create more problems later in life. Stem cells are one of the most promising options available to chronic pain sufferers.

The Spokane Spine Team deploys proven cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of our patients. Get in touch with us today to find out if stem cell therapy is right for you.Stem Cell Spokane