What Is A Chiropractor And How Can They Help?

Chiropractic Care Spokane

A chiropractor in Spokane promises to restore mobility and reduce pain. However, there is no direct evidence of a link between hands-on spinal manipulation and restoration or health. The Spokane Spine Team uses proven tactics to treat chronic pain with cutting edge technologies to relieve the most severe symptoms.

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors treat musculoskeletal issues. They offer hands-on manipulation as well as injections to help reduce pain.

For most of the history of chiropractic care, practitioners used knowledge of the spine and your condition to reduce pain directly. This includes the better-known adjustments targeting joints and vertebrae in your back.

With an increased interest in muscle or skeletal related pain, technologies are arriving that go well beyond hands-on adjustments. Chiropractors help relieve pain associated with this system. Corticosteroids are increasingly common as a treatment as is strength training and alternatives to direct manipulation.

More than thirty percent of patients across the United States seek a solution to chronic back pain. Experts continually look for new ways to improve quality of life.

Should I use a chiropractor to relieve my pain?

Our profession is about pain management. Once damaged, the spine and skeletal system often never reach their original state. Scar tissues, traumatic injury, degeneration, and fusion are common causes of pain. These issues live with patients for their entire lives. Chiropractors can entirely relieve pain but seek to make your condition tolerable to erase deficits in the functionality of the spine, allowing you to return to normal.

Most people experiencing discomfort do not need care. Ice, heat, and massage are enough to make their symptoms tolerable and restore functionality.

Not seeking treatment for chronic pain lasting more than six months is not an option. Such discomfort significantly impairs livelihoods. Normal functions become drastically harder. Severe pain is the leading cause of disability across the world with more than 127 million lost work days sighted as a result.

Pain has both a physical and a psychological component. Impairing normal life functions can lead to depression in even the most battle-hardened patients. The World Health Organization cites this issue as the most significant cause of more severe conditions.

Our services utilize rehabilitation and, for patients with persistent problems, injections in the management of your discomfort. Most clients experience improvement in as little as four sessions.

We use a scientific approach to each case, combining metrics and knowledge to solve each case. Every person is unique. Different injuries, lifestyles, and habits create various problems.

Can spinal injections help me?

For those experiencing severe pain, there is a solution. Corticosteroids and radiofrequency therapy promise to relieve the most persistent symptoms.

Injections are local. Our experts examine your problem to find the most appropriate solution, targeting a procedure to the affected area. Studies found a nearly 81 percent success rate in some methods.

When combined with other services, injections offer an alternative to invasive surgery. Rods and incisions often create more problems down the road.

A chiropractor in Spokane is the perfect option for chronic pain and rehabilitation. Our team is ready to restore functionality to your life.