Chiropractic Care: How Can It Help Manage Pain?

Pain Management Spokane

One Spokane pain management clinic continues to break down barriers. With proven treatments and a will to help even the most severe cases, the Spokane Spine Team is ready to help. Our clinic knows that every case is unique and is ready to treat you with the diligence you deserve.

How can I manage my pain?

Wrangling pain is about tolerance. Injuries, disease, genetics, and surgery often pose insurmountable issues.  However, with proper rehabilitation and therapy, it is possible to restore control over your life.

For many getting on top of discomfort only requires homegrown remedies. Ice, heat, and massage reduce swelling, significantly reducing symptoms. The same self-administered treatments also help avoid future problems.

When pain lasts for more than six months, it is chronic. In these cases, experts provide skilled treatment tailored to your needs. Rehabilitation and injections provide proven relief while other forms of alternative care helps restore flexibility and mobility.

Will I benefit from chiropractic care?

Many people think that chiropractors perform hands-on manipulation. For this reason, doctors often recommend visiting a specialist. However, there is no evidence that an adjustment harms patients and studies show improvement for certain neck and back issues.

Chiropractic care deals with the entire musculoskeletal system. For this reason, any therapy proven to work is available to our patients.

In many situations, rehabilitation restores range of motion and flexibility. Our team of experts creates exercises that strengthen weakened areas or help compensate correctly for injuries. Medical professionals agree that this service is vital when recovering from a surgery or traumatic injury.

Injections are also proven to work. Staying on top of advancements, we provide adult stem cell therapy. This treatment started life in the 1960s and continues to prove extremely successful. Follow up studies on back pain sufferers saw an 81 percent success rate.

Other forms of treatment are equally viable. Corticosteroids and radiofrequency therapy help those afflicted with significant pain.

What are the benefits of chiropractic in pain management?

Pain is the result of swelling and injury. Inflammation causes muscles to press on the nerves. This causes signals to reach the brain resulting in the discomfort you feel.

While rehabilitation and hands-on manipulation seek to restore mobility, injections, and other therapies aim to reduce swelling. Corticosteroids are highly successful in getting in control of this issue.

Spokane Spine Team doctors find the root cause of your pain before applying any solution. This allows injections to have maximum effect. Your pain stems from a specific injury and this needs to be known before any treatment can proceed.

Over the course of several sessions, we help reduce and manage pain and discomfort. Most patients report improvement in as little as two to three sessions given weekly.

Pain can terrifically hamper our ambitions. When it becomes chronic or greatly impairs daily routines, it signals a persistent and crippling issue. Back pain is the most common disability across the globe.

Our Spokane pain management clinic applies working solutions to get you back to your normal routine. Contact us today to find out more.