How To Effectively Treat Back Pain?

Back Pain Spokane

Many people living in the United States struggle with uncomfortable back pain. The pain is severe enough to prevent individuals from participating in different activities. It's caused by different issues, including injuries, age, poor posture, and other conditions. If you're struggling with back pain in Spokane Valley, the Spine Team Pain Center is available to help you.

Why Does Pain Develop in the Back?

People can experience pain in their backs for different reasons. For some people, the pain develops after sustaining an injury in some sort of accident, such as a motor vehicle accident. However, that’s not the only cause. Other causes of back pain include herniated discs, medical conditions, bad posture, and genetics. Unfortunately, the pain can develop at any age.

When someone suffers from chronic back pain because of a prior injury, it's often due to the way that the back and spine healed after the injury. Scar tissue can develop and cause an individual to experience discomfort in different parts of the back, especially the area of impact when the injury occurred.

Is It a Good Idea to Seek Professional Help for Back Pain?

Back pain might not seem like a big deal, but it's a serious problem that millions of people in American experience at some point or another. When you're dealing with pain that keeps you up at night or prevents you from doing things you love, it's serious enough to seek professional medical attention. If it gets in the way of you being able to work or even stand in a certain position for too long, you need to seek treatment to get relief.

When back pain goes untreated, it causes many problems. Not only does it leave the individual in severe pain, but it also tends to cause feelings of stress and depression. Someone with back pain may no longer enjoy life because the pain takes over their body. It can keep a person from wanting to go out with family and friends or do anything that they normally would do, such as go dancing or go for a hike.

How to Effectively Treat Unwanted Back Pain

When suffering from back pain, you have treatment options. While at home, you can use an ice pack or a heating pad on your back to get some relief. While it does offer temporary relief, it's not a permanent solution to a chronic problem. You can talk to one of the medical professionals about the pain you're experiencing. It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll need to get surgery because several treatment options exist, including steroid injections and holistic methods.

Is Surgery Necessary?

If you're concerned about needing surgery, it's best to visit the Spine Team Pain Center in Spokane Valley for an examination. Our skilled professionals want to meet you to discuss the symptoms you're experiencing. We'll also go over the treatment options that we feel are best for you based on your situation. We offer several treatment options to help our patients, including stem cell therapy and localized injections. We don't automatically assume that all our patients need surgery because other non-invasive options can benefit you.

If you're ready to get some much-needed relief, contact our team today. We look forward to helping you overcome the unwanted pain in your back. Back Pain in Spokane Valley