Pain Clinic Spokane Valley

Pain Clinic Spokane Valley

The Spokane Spine Clinic is a premier pain clinic in Spokane Valley. Our experts treat every case with diligence and care, helping patients on the road to recovery. Most clients see improvement in as little as two to three weeks.

What does a pain clinic do?

Clinics work with patients to help them bring their levels of discomfort to a tolerable range. Total relief is not always possible. However, with appropriate care and the help of a trained professional, it is possible to return to your daily routine.

Pain clinics do not prescribe opioids. The medications originally used to manage the symptoms of trauma created a significant epidemic in America. Entire counties suffer from the weight of an over-prescription of painkillers to treat even the most minor discomfort.

Instead, our experts provide relief through a variety of means. We seek to remain non-invasive. Surgeries and other medical procedures create more problems in the future. A buildup of scar tissue and the repair of implants results in further procedures and can worsen your condition.

A multi-channel approach to pain management

Chiropractors offer more than hands-on manipulation. This form of aid is not proven, working more as a placebo for most patients. Still, some patients do improve with adjustment.

Professionals administer a carefully planned regimen of therapies and treatments. These range from injections to rehabilitation. All are proven to work. Studies of patients receiving adult stem cells saw improvement in eighty-one percent of the recipients.

Combined, the exercises and strengthening of rehabilitation and relief of corticosteroids are both a long-term and short-term solution to your pain. A strengthening regimen gradually allows your body to recover and compensate. Injections provide more immediate relief.

Neither approach is invasive. Injections are no different than a shot. Rehabilitation teaches you exercises that provide benefit even after recovery.

Cutting edge pain management technologies

The Spokane Spine Team aims to provide the most significant benefit to our patients as possible. Any treatment battle-tested in the field is available to our clients.

Adult stem cells started life in medical treatment in the 1960s. Time and again, they proved extremely useful in curing many illnesses and issues ranging from cancer to rebuilding damaged joints.

Northwest Stem Cell extensively studied the lasting impact of stem cell use for pain management. They found extensive improvement in the condition of the majority of those receiving treatment when compared to a group receiving a placebo.

Where can I find a pain clinic in Spokane Valley?

Pain is not a laughing matter. While the issue disappears in many cases, it can last for months or years if left untreated. Chronic pain hinders life and leads to additional issues including depression. The World Health Organization ranks depression as the leading cause of disability.

Our team analyzes every patient. Every injury and illness is unique. Lifestyles differ. Through a mixed regimen of rehabilitation and injections, we help patients begin the path to recovery in as little as two weeks.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Pain Clinic Spokane Valley

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chronic pain management spokane wa

Having to deal with chronic pain can cause hinders in anyone’s daily life. It can affect the way you live and cause you to miss out on things you love doing. However, there are ways to manage this pain. For those seeking out chronic pain management in Spokane, Washington, Spine Team Pain Center is there to help. Their team can help out with chronic pain in the back, neck, hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, head, and foot and ankle. These treatments can range from injections to plasma therapy.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is defined by pain that affects the same area of our body for an extended period of time. While there is acute pain, which only lasts up to thirty days, and subacute pain that ranges from one to six months, chronic pain lasts for six months or longer. More than three million Americans are diagnosed with chronic pain every year, but this condition can also be self-diagnosed. This type of pain can be treated and managed, but it is not a curable condition.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can be caused by a number of factors, with some being more serious than others. Since it is so hard to know what causes it, seeking out a medical expert is important to rule out more serious issues, such as cancer, ulcers, or even diabetes. While some types of pain may come from less serious factors, such as wearing high heels often, having bad posture, or just sleeping on a bad mattress, chronic pain doesn’t usually have such a simple cause. It tends to be complex and mysterious, so it is important to work with a professional to treat and manage it. Whatever the cause may be, Spine Team Pain Center is committed to treating it.

Can Chronic Pain Be Managed At Home?

While it is important to seek professional treatment from a management team, chronic pain can be treated at home. Many ways of at home management may help one type of pain, while not doing anything for another. Mediation and breathing exercises may be able to relieve some pain, as these activities are meant to help our bodies relax. Reducing stress may also help, as being under a lot of stress is known to make chronic pain flair up. While less stress won’t make the pain go away completely, it might make it easier to live with.

Exercising and being physical are also good management tasks, as being active causes our brains to release natural endorphins. However, certain health problems may limit the type of exercise you are able to go. A support group full of other people who suffer from chronic pain can also help. It won’t physically relieve the pain, but it can offer a sense of community. This will help you to feel less alone with your struggle and can make managing it feel like an easier task.

Even though there are several at home treatments for chronic pain, it is important to seek help from professionals such as the stuff at Spine Team Pain Center.

pain specialist spokane wa

If you are suffering from intolerable pain, a pain specialist in Spokane Washington is available to help. Severe discomfort is more than annoying. It can be crippling. The professionals at the Spokane Spine Team provide cutting edge, proven care to get you back on your feet.

What is a pain specialist?

Doctors provide solutions. Pain specialists deal directly with discomfort. We use a variety of therapies and procedures have proven to provide relief.

The rise of pain killers proved deadly. Drugs containing lethal and highly addictive substances are at the hear of the opioid epidemic in America. These were often prescribed by doctors to deal with the complications of trauma and surgery. In states such as Kentucky, the cost of the problem is literally bankrupting the state.

Pain specialists offer an alternative to medical grade drugs. Natural solutions are preferred as they deal with problems without risk. A specialist is worth the cost.

Can pain management help me avoid surgery?

In some instances, pain management is enough to avoid a medical procedure. Surgical procedures create incisions and place devices in the body that lead to future complications.

Future issues are not avoidable. Rods break, scar tissue forms, and mobility is greatly reduced through fusion. Aches and pains often lead to more discomfort than originally experienced.

Our experts use natural methods and injections to avoid direct procedure. Pain is the result of inflammation. Swelling impacts nerves and triggers your condition. Over time, the result can worsen.

We use corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and couple the immediate relief with rehabilitation. The steroids provide a localized solution. A range of such treatments ranging from anesthesia to stem cells is available.

Injections are proven to work. Follow up studies by Northwest Stem Cell found that eighty-one percent of recipients of adult stem cells experienced significantly reduced pain. There were no complications associated with the procedure.

Couple Injections with Rehabilitation

Significant trauma permanently alters the body. Impacts and disease alter the skeletal system. Scar tissue can build up in a way that impairs functionality. In these situations, simply dealing with your pain is not enough.

Compensation allows other parts of the body to take up slack from other parts of the body. Every case is unique as patient injuries and lifestyles differ.  We tailor exercises to help the body grow in a way that allows you to get back to your normal routine.

Our patients see results. Most experience greatly reduced symptoms in as little as two weeks. Rehabilitation takes longer but provides long term relief.

Pain specialist in Spokane Washington

It is never a good idea to allow your pain to grow. Discomfort can be crippling. Over 127 million workdays are lost to back problems alone. With a significant impact on your daily life, depression may follow as well.

If you are experiencing pain, our clinic is available to help. We provide proven cutting-edge technologies to get you back on your feet again. Contact us today to find out how we can help you find relief.

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